01 Hello

My name is Andrey.

Welcome to my home page. I will tell you a little bit about myself. Sit back and relax.

This is story time

02 Where am I from?

I am often asked this question. It always confuses me since I do not have a simple answer.

I was born in Russia. I grew up in European part of the country. Later on I moved to Moscow and spent a few years in the capital. One day London became my home. I live there... from time to time.

I am based on the Earth

03 Family

One cold and windy November day back to 1982, my mom gave birth to a son. Few days later my dad, grandpa and grandma welcomed us home.

They named me Andrey.

My journey kicked off

04 Love

If you asked me whether I believe in love, I would say YES. If you asked me whether I believe in lifetime relationships, I would say NO.

Life is dynamic and everything changes... quite often. Intimacy is the only thing that matters.

I follow the music

05 Tribe

I surround myself with those, who share my dreams, my passion and my ambitions. People I talk one language with.

My tribe is my reflection

06 Dream

I thought I would be happy one day. The day when all things from my long list become real. Then I realised happiness is a journey, not a destination.

I struggle to recognise my genuine desires from those that are imposed on me. Keeping in mind time is limited, making the right choice is crucial.

I am on my way

07 Computers

One day I came home from school and found my dad playing a video game on a computer he had just assembled out of nothing. It was a turning point in my life. I am a software engineer.

Technology is my passion and profession

08 Finance

I always thought banks were boring. They are. Unless they are investment banks. I dived into finance by an accident and the industry caught me quickly.

It is inspiring and challenging realm

09 Travelling

I dreamed of travelling. One day I started. Since then I have been to all continents. I saw green fields, forests, oceans, deserts, mountains and snow lands. My country counter exceeded a hundred. This is an addiction. The one I am not going to deal with.

The world is wonderful

10 Self-development

In my early years I thought I knew everything. At the same time reality did not satisfy me. It was an indication there is something wrong in the matrix.

I started to invest time, efforts and emotional energy into myself. It is hard and sometimes painful, but it is worth it.


11 Aviation

Every boy dreams about aviation. I did. Until the dream came true.

I doubted whether it was exciting or not. I tried. Now I know it is mine. Flying is not a one night stand. It is a long term relationship.

Golf-Charlie-India, you are cleared to take off

12 Sailing

I am excited by coastal scenery, marinas and towns easily accessible from a boat. Cruising trip on a yacht is an excellent way to spend time with friends.

As a day skipper I have many opportunities to explore marine world.

Welcome aboard

13 Moto

Two wheelers were always on my list. As soon as I got a full motorcycle license I found, that riding a bike on daily basis was not as cool as I thought.

Though, it excels if you turn it into an adventure.

Would you join me for a ride?

14 Skydiving

This is the most complicated hobby I have got.

I thought I was going to be scared. Then I would jump and feel happy. It does not work this way.

Skydiving is an inner war and a serious challenge for me

15 Thank you

Thank you for staying with me.

I am on my journey and always looking for someone who is keen to share my lifestyle, values and beliefs.

Welcome to my world.

See you soon